The Movie

Star Wars

I was about 10 years old when my father took me to the cinema to watch “Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back.” I had not even seen the first one but I remember at least several things: a new world was opened before my eyes. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and the whole troupe transported me to an imaginary world that was real for a couple of hours. I joined the fight, I became a Jedi. It left me with a desire to live through those sensations that has stayed with me to the present day. I have not stopped chasing them in every movie that I see. The cinema always fulfills its function to transport me to other worlds even though the times and the ways of telling a story have taken new paths (for the better).

The cinema is pure magic for me: something that cannot be told because it is necessary to see, it is necessary to feel it and to enjoy it. It takes me to an unknown or known world, lets me travel through time, through space, with the senses, where I am dreaming awake. It gives me something to think, to criticize, to make myself react, I share feelings in what I see: I turn into a heroine or villain, I believe myself to be everything that I see and forget for a moment my daily problems. I live through a different life and why not?– fall in love with the hero of the moment.

I can say for sure that I lived my teens happily in love with my heroes. I got on to their train of adventures and crossed the whole world. And soon I also turned into an adventurous one in real life. I soaked in everything lived and today I want to share them in well told stories.

So I see the movies from this sacred perspective: when they have a well told story (for if not, it bothers me), they must have the ability to make us forget all that surrounds us, not only for the sake of recreation, but also as a way of education, of reflection, of expression, of sharing feelings, and experiences. The movies are well named as a “dreams factory” that gives me the possibility of dreaming awake, and to being excited with the story, with the music, the sound (I even heard that “smell” will be added soon).

Sometimes it’s simply to feel myself identified with a current of thought when the movie does not seem to be understood by anyone else. I feel solidarity with the director because we think in the same way and I understand his or her message. The cinema fulfills for me all the functions, it distracts me or teaches me, thrills me or annoys me, tells me or turns me into a witness of a true story. It gave me, it gives me and certainly will give me the possibility of understanding mankind from all angles.

The cinema is the wonderful art of telling stories.



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